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BigBong's Photography

Photography is a family history. Indeed, My French grandfather was known in his town for his camera store. Back when digital technology was not of this world, my father being surrounded by cameras would also go out and take pictures. He particularly enjoyed going out during the night and leave the shutter open for a long time to then discover the result. My brother is also passionate about it.

Autoportrait of BigBong with a Lumix GH5
BigBong in El Delie - Rouche, Beirut, Lebanon

What am I looking for?

“See what I see and feel how I feel” is my Instagram description. So basically, I live the present moment and whenever I find something that tells a story, I capture it so that I feel like becoming part of that story which I can then share to others.

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A picture my brother took when I was vlogging in Lebanon.

I find the composition very interesting and original!

What is my style?

I want to dive deep into things, so I particularly enjoy close-ups and macro-photography. I’m captivated by shapes and perspectives. But I also relish showcasing very common things that people forget about, just to remind them of their existence and how beautiful they can be. Speaking of which, I am passionate about the Japanese concept of Wabisabi (侘寂) which finds beauty in imperfection especially in nature. I love colours tough sometimes working with Black & White can be more relevant to tell a story.

RER B Paris suburban train

The RER B: a train I used to take everyday.

Rouen Cathedral stones

I was never really drawn to portraits, as things we find in nature are usually older than humans and I thought they had to have more stories to tell. But each and every person goes through a great deal of experiences in life which is also fascinating to capture on camera. I must also confess the therapeutic feeling I get retouching portraits which almost feels like painting. And finally, there is a certain sense of delight when people look at themselves through their photos. It’s like they are rediscovering themselves and unless they are models, it’s hopefully different from their usual selfies.

Forgotten stones at the entrance of Rouen Cathedral



La peau des arbres


Promenade en forêt