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Language Learning Tools

One of the questions I get the most is "how do you learn languages?"

The answer is right there on my channel. I literally show people how I do it...
But in this section, I thought it would be relevant to list the tools I personally use.


Needless to say that watching movies, TV shows and anime is my favorite way of learning. And that's exactly what LingoPie is all about! Before that, I was simply using the most popular streaming platform with subtitles in the original language. But Lingopie took the efficiency to a whole new level, with double subtitles, flashcards and statistics.


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In addition to my passion for language learning, I'm also very fond of new technologies. I'm amazed by the amount of innovations that marked the past century. In this respect, I'm always on the lookout for the latest trends, whether it's about robotics, virtual reality or artificial intelligence.

Wooask's W12 Translator

This ai voice translator is a revolutionary device. It delivers lightning-fast response times with 98% accuracy in 74 languages, including 10 offline!

I use it when I travel, especially for its photo scanning feature. But also as a language learning tool as it's faster to use it than opening an app on my phone.

Need one? Buy it by clicking here.

Timkettle's WT2 Edge

These bi-directional simultaneous translation earbuds contain a concentration of technology that will allow you to have a bilingual meeting with up to 6 people in 40 languages and 93 accents!

Need a pair? Buy them by clicking here.

Even if it might take a bit more than a regular language learning app to truly become fluent, they still hold an enormous potential. In fact, I believe that actively studying on them for at least 15 minutes a day can be more efficient that passively attending classes for years! 

Ling by Simya Solutions

With 60 different languages, Ling is my go-to when I start a new one. I've never seen an app offering that many options! And it's also more affordable than other platforms.

Download Ling by clicking here


Despite the fact that Speakly is very different from Busuu, mostly because of the absence of images, it's still in my top 3. The concept developed by the co-creators (who are polyglot themselves) is to become fluent as quickly as possible, by learning the 4000 most statistically-relevant words.

I really enjoy the minimalistic design. But most of all, I find it very well rounded with flashcards, dialogues from live-situations, listening exercises and music recommendations.

Busuu by Chegg

Busuu is one of my favorite apps. It's very well-rounded with concise lessons full of pictures to help you memorize new words. You may take tests and even get certificates, on top of being part of a supportive community.

Nao from Softbank

I actually have a lot in common with this cute little robot. He was born in France, and later became Japanese. Nao was not designed for language learning per se, but he is available in 19 different languages which is pretty cool!

Alix from LingoChamp

The designers of LingoChamp understood the potential of artificial intelligence in language learning. On their app, you get to study English with the help of your AI coach Alix.

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