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Meet your language choaches!

Here, we prefer using "language coach" more than 'teacher' or 'tutor'. Because... well, first of all, neither of them hold an educational teaching degree. And because we believe we can give more with a coaching approach more than a tutoring one. Think about it: at the end of the day, you're the one learning and we would like to motivate you to keep doing it!


Julien Moulin

Straight from Paris, he is eager to show you the subtleties of spoken French and its culture! If you enjoy learning with songs and TV shows, you'll have so much fun learning with him :)

Currently working on an online course for absolute beginners: stay tuned!

Click here to learn more!

Taka Sensei

Japan is a fascinating country: on the one hand, it's technologically futuristic, on the other, it's very attached to its ancestral traditions. Taka never misses an opportunity to explain why Japanese people say or do things a certain away. And you'll surely be delighted to study with anime.

Bong Juan

This is not a language coach but a wannabe latino. If you just need a motivational boost or learning in a more relaxed manner, check him out studying Spanish and other romance languages...

He particularly loves learning with your favorite reggaeton songs!

Guests and Collabs

The BigBong channel also welcomes a lot of delightful guests who open up about their experience as language learners or teachers, or who wish to share about their culture!

Among popular influencers, there are:

Let’s put some music and sing!

“Where words fail, music speaks.”


It's also a wonderful mnemonic way to learn languages!

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